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25 Mistakes Of Zakir Liar On The Theory Of Evolution

Zakir Naik And His Blind Follower statement of zakir naik
25 mistakes in 5 minute

Now here are the mistakes:
1. There is no such island as "Keletropist" anywhere. It was the Galapagos Islands that Darwin visited where he found the finches that sparked his theories.
2. These finches do not "peck at niches" as Naik says. They lived in separate ecological niches, meaning environments. Dr Naik seems to have some vague awareness of the story.

3. No, Darwin's observations of varying beaks were made on fourteen different species of finches, not just one species as Naik claims. The beak length actually did not vary within the species. Look it up in any textbook.

4. The differences Darwin observed between these finches were far more than simply beak length, they included differences in color, size, mating behavior, songs, and preferred food. In fact they were so different that Darwin did not even realize they were all finches.

5. All of Darwin's published correspondence is printed and even available electronically online, and it contains no record of anyone named Thomas Thromtan, nor any record of such a letter. Darwin could not have used the words, "I don't believe in the theory of evolution because I haven't got any proof," since that's exactly what his book two years earlier was intended to provide, whether we believe his theory or not. There was someone named Thompson, but Darwin never wrote a letter to Thompson.

6. Darwin admitted that there were missing links, but that does not mean he disagreed with his own theory—he simply predicted where the missing links would be found.

7. The church was never against science--- almost all the great European scientists of Galileo's time, including Galileo, were devout Christians. People like Newton, Copernicus, Kepler, Boyle, Linnaeus, Pascal were all committed believers in the Bible.

8. Galileo, a devout Catholic, was never sentenced to death. Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment on June 22, 1633 and then that sentence was commuted to house arrest. He died more than eight years later on the evening of January 8, 1642 of old age. Galileo believed that his theories fit with the Bible, and he wrote a book arguing this based on early interpretations of Christians like Augustine. Naik goes on to make the same false statement two more times, but let's only count it as one factual error.

9. Actually, most scientists did not support Darwin's theory for many years, and most of these same scientists revered the Bible. Basically, this account by Dr. Naik is a total fabrication.

10. Basically everything Dr. Naik says here is wrong. There is no such word as "homonites." He must mean hominids.

11. There are not a mere "four" hominids, there are at least fourteen.

12. There is no such hominid as "dosnopytchest." Lucy was an Australopithecus afarensis.

13. The ice age was not 3 1/3 million years ago. It was between 1.6 million years and 10,000 years ago.

14. Homo sapiens did not die out 500 thousand years ago. You and me and even Zakir Naik are homo sapiens, though he is apparently not aware that he belongs to our species.

15. According to evolutionary theory Neanderthal man was not on the direct line to modern man, but an ice-age offshoot.

16. Neanderthal man went extinct 30 thousand years ago, not "a hundred to forty thousand years ago."

17. Cro-Magnon man is the same thing as Homo Sapiens, which Naik had mentioned as a different earlier species.

18. Actually, evolutionary biologists have found many examples of what they claim to be links between these stages, for example between australopithecus afarensis and homo sapiens they claim to have found Homo habilis, Homo ergaster, and Homo heidelbergensis. We may disagree with the clarity of this evidence, but it would be false to entirely deny any link between these stages.

18x. There is no University in Paris or anywhere else called the "Sojerion University." Grasse taught at the University of Paris which is also called the "Sorbonne".

18xx. This out-of-context quote from three decades ago misrepresents the overall opinion of P.P. Grasse, whose research supported evolution completely. He was simply commenting on the scant fossil record at that time, not making a statement against evolution. But we will not count this as an error against Naik.

19. False, nobody named "Sir Albert George" ever won a Nobel Prize. Look it up. He must mean Albert Szent-Györgyi von Nagyrapolt.

20. Györgyi didn't invent Vitamin C, he discovered it. Vitamin C is a naturally occurring substance that didn't need to be invented.

21. Albert Szent-Györgyi's book was not called "The Crazy Ape and Man" but simple The Crazy Ape, and it was not a refutation of evolution but a sociological commentary.18

21x. Fred Hoyle was an astronomer, not a biologist. And his one great contribution to his own field, the steady state theory of the universe, turned out to be false. But this will not be counted as a factual error.

21xx. Who is Ruperts Albert? I can find no trace of anybody with that name. But, to give Naik the benefit of the doubt, this will not be counted as a factual error.

22. Whether or not evolution is true, it is clearly very thinkable that humans evolved from apes, because most educated specialists do indeed think this! As a statement, this one is very easy to demonstrate as false.

22x. Naik quotes one unknown person after another. Who is Sir Frank Salosbury? Again, vigorous searching can find no trace of anybody with that name. But again, to give Naik the benefit of the doubt, this will not be counted as a factual error.

23. Who is Sir Whitemeat? For the fourth time, no trace can be found of anybody with that name. One would assume that Naik was familiar enough with the authorities he is referencing to actually know their names. But of the six men he references as opposing evolution, he really knows the name of only two of them.

24. There is no such thing as a "paremishia." Perhaps he means paramecium. But the evolutionary change of an amoeba to a paramecium (these belong to entirely separate kingdoms) is far more dramatic biologically than the relatively small biological difference between apes and humans (same family), which is the opposite of what Naik is trying to say.

25. There is no such person as "Henses Crake." Naik probably means Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of DNA. Francis Crick believes fully in evolution.

So we have seen that in a mere 520 words or 25 sentences, Dr Naik has said twenty-five clear false statements, which comes out to one falsehood per sentence. Dr. Zakir Naik is a very charismatic man, as well as a very dynamic speaker. But if this response is characteristic of the content of his speeches, he is a profoundly incompetent scholar. His contentions are so full of errors as to be simply embarrassing. He rarely gets a name correctly, fails to understand the most basic details of the ideas he is critiquing, and can't even get simple, well-known facts of history correct, like whether or not Galileo was sentenced to death.

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